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Taiga Aisaka's Playground [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Taiga Aisaka

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[Dream Bank Account] [Oct. 22nd, 2029|06:48 pm]
Taiga Aisaka
[Tags|, ]

dream bank account

Contents and KeyCollapse )
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[Voicemail] [Oct. 10th, 2029|10:40 am]
Taiga Aisaka
[Tags|, ]

I don't want to talk to anyone! None of you will understand me!

[she is screaming at the phone, didn't notice the beep]

I want my Ryuuji back! I don't want to leave a message after the beep!
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[OOC] Profile Meme [Oct. 10th, 2029|10:30 am]
Taiga Aisaka
[Tags|, , ]

Short girl in a tall worldCollapse )
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[OOC] How's My Driving [Oct. 10th, 2029|10:25 am]
Taiga Aisaka
[Tags|, , ]

Comment here about how I play Taiga Aisaka please.

This is my first time playing her, so I hope I do her justice.

You can also comment here
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[Dream 07] Falling in Love [Oct. 30th, 2010|12:52 pm]
Taiga Aisaka
[Tags|, ]

In a pitch black room with a large bed in the middle, Taiga is standing near the end of the bed, just looking up towards the person that was on the bed.

"So.. I hear you love me," the voice spoke, it was hard to see his or her face, but the voice generally sounds like it is male, "You must be..."

He is cut off by Taiga who is shouting at the person, "You idiot! I told you before, I truly do love you! You helped me so much and... You changed who I am!"

The darkness begins to lift slightly, to show that Taiga is dressed in a long white wedding dress, while whoever was on the bed was dressed in a tuxedo. His or her face is still hidden however, as if Taiga doesn't want anyone else to see this person yet until she admits to them that she loves them.

"Are you really sure you want to marry me though, Taiga?", the voice mutters, "I thought you loved Kitamura.."

Taiga shook her head, "I did in the past.. I thought.."

The man chuckles at her nervousness, "You did tell me that, I am just teasing.."

Taiga comes closer to the bed, and places her hand on the body's chest, "I love you so much, stop asking me.."

He smirked, though only the lips were visible now, "You are being too nice to me, it is unlike you.."

Taiga was confused. What did he want from her? to be good? to be bad?

Her mind just spun in circles, as she looks around the room before waking up in her bed in Somarium in a sweat.

Taiga whispered to herself, "I love you.."

Her eyes then closed and she fell back asleep.

[ooc: Just a random love dream. I believe her heart is confused right now due to her thinking about ryuuji, kitamura and what happened at home, which caused this dream to happen.]
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[Video 04] Nightmares go like this [Oct. 25th, 2010|06:28 pm]
Taiga Aisaka
[Tags|, ]

[The camera appears to be facing Taiga's wall as things begin to fly across her room. First small pillows, then bigger pillows. A loud scream as if Taiga is in pain can be heard.]

I... am NOT a tiger!!

[one pillow hits the dreamberry and makes it turn around with the force, showing a very angry small girl, who is dressed in a tiger costume.]

I hate this!
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[Voice 02] Hungry Taiga? (Accidental) [Sep. 29th, 2010|07:30 pm]
Taiga Aisaka
[Tags|, ]

[There is a loud growling sound echoing through the dreamberry, as if there is a bear or another scary animal nearby the phone.]

Ugh... I am so so hungry!

[Taiga sounded grumpy and... well she was the loud growling monster.]

Why isn't Ryuuji here?!? If he was, he could cook me something...

[she goes off complaining about not being able to cook much herself and... well being too lazy to go out and buy herself food.]
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[Voice 01] Talking to herself [Jul. 25th, 2010|10:43 pm]
Taiga Aisaka
[Tags|, ]

I wonder what would happen if I fell in love here..

Would Ryuuji be mad at me when I go back to my world? I.. don't want to hurt him but.. what if..

[she sighs sadly]

I am so confused! Maybe I should just be friends with everyone so I don't hurt anyone
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[Dream 06] Somarium in the dreams [Jun. 26th, 2010|03:18 pm]
Taiga Aisaka
[Tags|, ]

Taiga was walking around Somarium, for some reason she didn't really know why she was here, but asll she knew was that she was looking for something, or someone.

"Hello?", she called, looking around the buildings, "Are you there? Answer me!"

She heard nothing but silence, but then out of nowhere, a small black cat jumped at her out of the darkness.

"Gah! Wha.. where did you come from?! I am not looking for you!", she screamed, trying to shake the cat off of her.

She struggled with the cat for several minutes, until it finally jumped off her and onto the ground.

"Taiga, it is me, Ryuuji," she thought she heard it say.

Taiga laughed to herself, then shook her head, "I must be hearing things."
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[Video 03] New Dress! [Mar. 29th, 2010|01:09 pm]
Taiga Aisaka
[Tags|, ]

[Taiga spun around in a big circle in her own apartment, she was wearing her brand new blue dress that she has found in a shop while looking for other things to eat, drink or wear.]

Well, what do you think? Do you think it suits me?

[She spins around again, then picks up her wooden sowd.]

Though, it is harder to swing my sword in a dress...

[She swings her sword about, nearly hitting her dreamberry off the table..]

Oops.. I need to be more careful.
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